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The false security of Notifications

it’s like jumping into my car and every time i see the dashboard every light in there is brightly lighted up – to the point that one day i stop caring. eventually, someday something will fail – i just hope it’s not the day when I am driving to someplace in an emergency.

Most of our Notifications and alerting strategy is more than a brightly lit Dashboard. We cant any more tell what’s gonna fail when.

It’s a false hope we live with.


Happy new year 2010

Hi All – It has been very long since I was on the blog. I was not so busy hence I guess I was just being too lazy 🙂 It is time for me to get back in the think of things and here I am back once again.  Before I get down to technical […]
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2009 already in progress and it is time for me to start planning where I want to spend my time and energies on.

We are still here

As much as I would like to move over, I have to be here still. I ran into roadblocks with hosting and seems like this will take some time. Until then, lets continue …!

Bye Bye

This is going to be my penultimate entry. Not that I plan to stop blogging. I am moving to a hosted solution. The current setup is leading me to compromises and I feel that I am unable to bring the quality out of my posts like posting PDFs for code etc. This blog will go […]
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You can have what you want !!

I started this endeavor to share my information with you all, so that some of you do not get stuck with the kind of things that I was stuck with. But, seems like I have millions to write about. So, I have decided to let you choose what do I blog about. Game plan is […]
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MySQL 5.1 has been announced Sun has announced the new release of MySQL 5.1. While this seems like an incremental release, there are some significant features lined up in this release. Zac Urlocker, VP MySQL products at Sun said in a video posted on InfoWorld “One thing we’re really most proud of is, frankly, we […]
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Welcome to my NEWS section

Not many people get a chance to find out what companies are upto? Given that I am finding some information, I am using this News section to publish things happening not just at Adobe + some of the other areas as well. I will try to post once in 2-3 days containing some of the […]
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